​Why use a travel advisor?

With all kinds of travel related information at your finger tips, why would you need to work with a Travel Advisor? The great thing about the Internet is it gives you tons of information. The bad thing about the Internet is it gives you tons of information. I help my clients sort through it all and make great travel decisions. In addition here are some other reasons why you should use a travel advisor:

travel advisor

Personalized Planning

​Blue Parrot Travel, LLC is committed to outstanding service and value. I specialize in booking cruises, vacation packages and tours and as your travel advisor I will help you make the best decisions regarding your travel plans. It is our mission to sort through all the options to find you the best value and I will ensure your travel investment creates a wonderful experience and lasting memories!

When it comes to cruises, I can offer discounts and added amenities on many sailings. I am a member of one of the largest host agencies in the country and they are able to offer many different perks and discounts and I can pass that value along to my clients!

Vacation packages are tailored to your precise needs and desires. I will work together until you are 100% satisfied with your travel plans. If you come across a vacation package on the internet that looks interesting send it my way and I help ensure it’s reputable and has a high level of value.

Blue Parrot Travel..helping you “Escape the Everyday!”

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